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Using Literature for Reading Instruction   Aliye Uslu Ustten

Using Literature for Reading Instruction

84 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Reading skill is acquired by children who have had experiences in early childhood which provide information to learn letters and structure of spoken words. Then, children recognize the difference between the nature of spoken and written language and attend schools that provide opportunities to practice reading. Students in middle grades are required to analyze complex literary texts, and they need to read with knowledge and expectations of how text works, but many students have trouble in reading.In this respect, identifying appropriate teaching practices will help when considering well-developed literacy programs that enhance students' learning. It is also important to create efficient reading programs to encourage children to get a wide understanding by considering several views of information the text has. This study identifies practices meant to help students become more effective readers and independent learners. Practices are chosen according to conditions in classes such as...
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