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Car Parks  

Car Parks

250x295 384 страниц. 2014 год.
ArtPower International Publishing
When you are driving into a parking space, have you ever turned your attention to the parking structure itself? Is the design driver-oriented? Or undesirable? Is the parking system obsolete? Fashionable? Energy-saving? Even environmental-friendly? Car Parks is a collection of modern parking facilities. It is also full of designs that will alter your view of what a car park should be: Brooks + Sparpa gives you a parking garage full of art; HOK illustrates a prototype for sustainable garages; 1111 Lincoln Road HADID encourages people to leave their cars outside the city in specially designed car parks, and then take a tram to the more inner parts of the city Strasbourg...The car parks featured in this volume can be found in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA, and France.
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