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The value of poetic devices in Shasha's books   Monwabisi Victor Macabela

The value of poetic devices in Shasha's books

148 страниц. 2015 год.
Scholars' Press
The value of poetic devices in Shasha's books, focuses on the way in which the author's thoughts are interpreted with regard to political and socio-economic issues. Shasha's literal and figurative qualities of his contribution as a nation builder in a country that is characterized by diversity, are evaluated thoroughly. The book dwells on the figurative language utilized by Shasha in arming the nation, preparing it for the future and subsequently, identifying him as a patriot who addresses political, social and economic challenges in South Africa prior liberation. Shasha also uses his imbongi (Praise poet) authority to criticize a social situation that puts the African people at a disadvantage. In his poems he values the African tradition, that spirit of Ubuntu (humanity), and at the same time, he criticizes the Western culture as it undermines the African culture in an attempt to achieve reconciliation between the two cultures. In the final analysis the study of the value of poetic...
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