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Playwright as Enchanter   Georgina H. Escobar

Playwright as Enchanter

276 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work explores the compositional methodology behind Playwright as Enchanter. The author investigates the use of semiotics, fantasy, myth, folklore, and the Pictoral Imagination and how they operate in the creation of original works. The Playwright as Enchanter is a method that focuses on the awareness of assigning and decoding meaning. The author demonstrates the techniques behind this method first, by showing the operative function of the Pictoral Imagination in writing, and then by illustrating the importance of myth, fantasy and folklore. This is further supported by the historical content that supports these techniques, specifically, as it relates to Latin American writers and thinkers. This work ends by mapping and offering an extended example of Playwright as Enchanter as if functions in her original pieces: The Circuz (2009) and The Ruin (2011).
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