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Procedural Support Music Therapy   Olivia Swedberg Yinger,Darcy Walworth and Lori Gooding

Procedural Support Music Therapy

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Medical procedures, although often necessary, are frequently painful and anxiety-provoking. Music therapists are credentialed healthcare professionals who have the potential to help decrease pain and anxiety associated with medical procedures through the use of procedural support music therapy. Within this book is a wealth of information to help music therapists gain a better understanding of procedural support for both children and adults. The authors provide an overview of important medical terminology and discuss the primary needs patients have during procedures. Descriptions of common procedural support music therapy interventions are provided, along with summaries of research and best practices. Because procedural support begins well before the actual procedure, this book also touches on surgical support during the preoperative phase. In addition, the authors provide guidelines for music therapists seeking to start new procedural support music therapy programs or expand existing...
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