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Musical Traditions of Uganda   Shawn Gudmunsen

Musical Traditions of Uganda

72 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study of global cultures is critical for music educators in American classrooms. Since the founding of this country, African music continues to influence world music study in America. This study focuses on musical traditions from Uganda. An examination of instruments, rhythms, and performance traditions and the contributions Uganda makes to world music education is the goal of this study. Embracing the opportunity to learn directly from a musician immersed in the culture is the best approach to realize the nuances that express music of the Ugandan people. Best practices of teaching provide a solid foundation and success with all students in understanding the fundamentals of rhythm and drumming techniques from Uganda. As a result of mentorship, best practices also provide interdisciplinary approaches to teaching world music in the classroom. Continued assessment beyond the walls of the American classroom promotes, embraces and celebrates our multi-cultural world.
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