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Vabvuwi Music in the Churches in Zimbabwe   Josphat Mufute

Vabvuwi Music in the Churches in Zimbabwe

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book on “Vabvuwi music”, is a book for all. Its creation was necessitated by a noted absence of literature on this type of music and after a noted prevalence of misconceptions and controversies among the stakeholders of this music, namely the performers, audience, and the music adjudicators for this music. The book therefore endeavours to make the readers to basically understand what this type of Zimbabwean church music, mainly performed by men, is all about. The book presents a general and historical background of this music and highlights the place or role of this music in worship and general musical upliftment of people. The characteristics of this music, as well as the principles and standards that need to be displayed and that need to govern adjudication of this music are then discussed in detail. Coming last are words of advice to performers, adjudicators and audience regarding Vabvuwi Music competitions.
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