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Lexical Encoding of Verbs in English and Bulgarian   Rositsa Dekova

Lexical Encoding of Verbs in English and Bulgarian

256 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book investigates the mapping of elements from the semantic representation of verbs onto overt syntactic realization and how this information might be lexically encoded cross-linguistically. The research explores various phenomena arising on the interface of conceptual structure and syntax. The analysis is based on empirical data and experimental evidence from two languages – English and Bulgarian. The introductory chapters include a shortcut to Bulgarian syntax; a discussion on current relevant linguistic theories which acknowledge the interconnection between verb meaning and the verb's morpho-syntactic realization; and an outline of the theoretical background. The book presents the grouping of the examined verbs according to the type of events they can lexicalize and the respective lexical representations suggested for each group. It also reports on the psycholinguistics experiments designed to test the adequacy of the proposed format. The book sheds light on the information...
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