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Tagore's Works in European Languages   Mihirkanti Choudhury

Tagore's Works in European Languages

272 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Rabindranath Tagore contributed to different genres of literature with equal efficiency. He attempted not only in in his mother tongue, Bengali but also in English. Gitanjali, the Nobel winning book of Verse was his first attempt beyond his mother tongue. Besides this, his works were translated by other writers of literary eminence both in English and in many other European languages which was really a wonder in the then context. It was really a difficult task to cope with the increasing inflationary catastrophes during the war days in Europe. The enormous cost of paper, printing and binding stood in the way of publishing books. Despite these limitations, Tagore’s works in translated form were published in different languages of Europe and elsewhere before, during and after the war days. This proves that Tagore’s works had an appeal to the readers even in their rainy days. This particular book gives a vivid picture of the extent of Tagore’s works in different European languages which...
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