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The Use of Visual Materials in Teaching English Vocabulary   Tessema Tadesse Abebe

The Use of Visual Materials in Teaching English Vocabulary

108 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nowadays, where ever you go around the world you can find a certain people who can communicate with English Language. Because of globalization and other reasons English is going to be the language of the world .Apart from the use of English as their mother tongue in some countries there are a number of countries who can teach English as Second Language or Foreign Language. Hence, in order to use English Language more effectively and efficiently having rich knowledge of vocabulary is crucial. In most cases you can find communication break down when the students at school are not able to recall the appropriate word for the right situation of interaction. So in order to overcome this and similar problems the use of visual materials in teaching English Language vocabulary is mandatory. The use of visual materials makes the meaning of the words memorable and long lasting in students mind. As a whole, it is believed that the book will be helpful for students, teachers, course book writers...
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