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The Quality of Exposure of English Language in a Remote School   Sabariah Morad

The Quality of Exposure of English Language in a Remote School

176 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is a research on the quality of English language exposure received by pupils in a remote primary school (PTPS) with 100% Malay population. English language performance in the last few years of the public exam results indicated very low achievements which was used by the researcher as a foreshadow problem indicating lack of exposure given to the pupils in PTPS. As such, the issue of quality of exposure was looked into by studying issues surrounding the instructors, instruction conducted, the practice activities and the evaluation and remediation processes. The main informants for this study were mainly a group of 25 pupils and 3 English language teachers in PTPS. This is a qualitative study. Data were gathered through observation, interviews and documents. During field and formal analysis, data was interpreted using interpretative analysis and descriptive statistics. In order to validate the data and the analysis, crosschecking techniques such as triangulation was conducted.
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