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Intentional, Incidental Word Learning in Global & Analytic Learners   Asiyeh Ghamarpour Talemi

Intentional, Incidental Word Learning in Global & Analytic Learners

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To come up with the best methods and techniques for improving vocabulary learning and teaching which is the building block of any language teaching environment, researchers have to investigate the effect of variables on each other. In this study it was shown that there is a difference between global and analytic learners in intentional and incidental vocabulary learning, and the findings can be applied in vocabulary learning, and teaching. Teachers can help learners discover their own learning preferences, and provide constructive feedback about the advantages and disadvantages of various styles on vocabulary learning. They can also create opportunities for students to experiment with different ways of learning vocabularies. Teachers can also help learners have a better understanding of their own learning styles so that they can capitalize on their strengths. As a result students can enhance their vocabulary learning by being aware of different types of vocabulary learning, and the...
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