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Collaborative Techniques   Abbas Ali Zarei and Maryam Sahami Gilani

Collaborative Techniques

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Collaborative teachniques have had their place in discussions of language learning for several decades. It is believed that there are around 100 collaborative techniques. One of the responsibilities of a good teacher is to make sure to implement the more productive techniques to facilitate language learning. Two of the vital elements of language are vocabulary and reading comprehension. There is a paucity of research as to the effect of collaborative techniques on these elements, and the few available studies have often reported contradictory results. To fill part of this gap, the effects of five selected collaborative techniques, namely, jigsaw, rotating circles, snowball, think-pair-square, and word webbing on reading comprehension and vocabulary learning are investigated in this book. Results are presented in tabular as well as graphical forms and discussed in sufficient detail. The findings reported here may have implications for teachers, learners, and coursebook designers.
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