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Semantic Oddities and Phonological Manipulation in Kapkirwok's Poetry   Faith Kariuki

Semantic Oddities and Phonological Manipulation in Kapkirwok's Poetry

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For many people, poetry is a dry and difficult subject; certainly not their passion. What with its difficult terminologies and obscure images?The result is that poetry has been relegated to the periphery of literary studies.Those who have been left to read it are students and the few others who understand the power that lies in it. That notwithstanding, Jason Kapkirwok, in Heartbeats of the Mind (2001) and Loud Monologues, Silent Dialogues (2004), shows that poetry can be simple but still enjoyable. By analysing semantic oddities and phonological manipulation in his poetry, this book examines one of the ways in which Kapkirwok does this. The book is especially useful to students of literature and stylistics in universities and other tertiary institutions. Scholars of Literature and lovers of poetry in general will also find the book resourceful.
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