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Domestication and Foreignization in Translating Children Literature   Morteza Fathalipour and Kourosh Akef

Domestication and Foreignization in Translating Children Literature

168 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The transference of cultural items from one language to another language with different cultures is an ongoing debate in the process of translation that by adding the special character of its reader (children) this procedure is going to be a more crucial subject in the translation of children`s literature. Different procedures have been proposed and applied for dealing with cultural differences. In this study; therefore, the authors applied Venuti`s (1995) domesticating and foreignizing translation strategies to take into account the frequency of different procedures applied by translators in translating Culture-specific items in fantasy genre in three different age groups of children. The analysis of the obtained data should help shed some light on the children`s literature translators, and should be especially useful to instructors in the field of translation studies, or anyone else who may be interested in children`s literature translation both practically and theoretically.
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