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William Faulkner and Shen Congwen’s Three Worlds   Ying Liang

William Faulkner and Shen Congwen’s Three Worlds

104 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As comparative literature reshapes itself in today''s globalizing age, Ying Liang provides the first comprehensive overview of an exciting new research area --- the comparison between American author William Faulkner and his contemporary, Chinese author Shen Congwen. Both Faulkner and Shen were able to stay in their hometowns and yet handle questions of universal significance. Their works also share an epic quality. Among their epic works, a large proportion is dedicated to the portrayal of the confrontation between the traditional and modern world. Liang reviews and addresses how the confrontation is portrayed in relation to morality, nature, sex, women characters, and the author’s mixed feelings about his characters. Highly recommended for students and researchers in comparative literature, modern American and Chinese literatures, and modern American and Chinese studies.
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