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Distance Language Learning   Somayeh Mahdi,Lalita Vartak and Mehdi Shariatmadari

Distance Language Learning

296 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The last decade has witnessed an enormous expansion in distance language learning opportunities. Rapid developments in information and communications technology, together with societal changes, have increased awareness of and demand for distance education- and now also for online learning. Other forces have contributed to expansion, such as the current growing demand for global education offerings, and the desire on the part of many institutions to reach new audiences or to retain their market share. All this means that distance learning opportunities are becoming an increasingly visible part of educational provision. Many language learners, language teachers and institutions are coming to distance education for the first time. However, our main purpose of publishing this research report is to help to explore the significance of distance language teaching and learning in development of EFL learners’ language skills. We hope that this book will be beneficial for those interested and...
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