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Language Learning Strategies of Grades 7-8 Students in Hong Kong   Andrew Yau Hau Tse

Language Learning Strategies of Grades 7-8 Students in Hong Kong

232 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Limited research has been done on exploring what language learning strategies (LLS) the grades 7-8 students used while learning English as a second language in Hong Kong and the factors affecting their choice of LLS. The structure of this book is described below. Chapter one serves as an introduction to LLS. The next chapter reviews the literature related to LLS. Chapter three describes the methodology used in this study. Chapter four shows the results obtained from the statistical analysis of data, together with a detailed discussion of the findings. The final chapter depicts the summary, pedagogical implications, and recommendations for further research. The findings and analysis of this study should be useful to language learners, parents, educators, lecturers, and researchers in second language acquisition and applied linguistics.
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