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Decoding Muriel Spark's Fiction: A Study of Theme of Quest & Suffering   Kirti Rajhans

Decoding Muriel Spark's Fiction: A Study of Theme of Quest & Suffering

268 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Muriel Spark is well-known as one of the distinctive and original writers of Post-War English fiction. Winner of many prestigious awards and a popular novelist, she is equally appreciated by the critics for her valuable contribution towards modern English fiction. This book presents an analysis of the theme of quest and suffering in the novels of Muriel Spark. The study, in this context traces in detail, the social, psychological and religious dimensions of Spark’s novels, in which the unlimited quest and the enigmatic suffering of human beings in this world, is the predominant theme. Spark has been generally acknowledged as a puzzling and difficult writer and most of the critical works on Spark have considered only a few elements of her writing. This book attempts to fulfil the need of comprehensive analysis of Spark’s fiction. It tries to probe further the multiple layers of her novels and decode the complex narratives through which she tries to find solutions to the unlimited...
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