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The novels of G.K.Chesterton : A critical study   Penjuri Satyanarayana

The novels of G.K.Chesterton : A critical study

216 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present book is a critical study of G.K.Chesterton’s novels. They are a blend of literature and propaganda. Their meaning is certainly social and political which is expressed through an imaginative pattern.Yet another Important feature of them is medievalism. G.K.Chesterton is a social critic who has distilled the essence of the Romantic heritage in his fiction. His novels reject the modern obsession with realism and verisimilitude and attempt to discover enduring truths about human existence by recourse to fable or fantasy and allegory. To avoid the dangers of human authority implied in fantasy, he develops the analogical function of allegory to indicate the presence of God. The novels, thus, offer an anachronistic rejection of the modern gods of science and Progress. The conflict between good and evil, science and religion presented in the allegories has a great deal of significance in an age which has turned heretical. The book is written in a very lucid and analytical style...
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