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Reading/Speaking and Writing Connections   Mohamed BenMhamed

Reading/Speaking and Writing Connections

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Historically the fl teaching profession has given little attention to the improvement of writing ability in students target languages. In fact, most fl professionals have taken the position that writing is a secondary or less crucial skill than listening speaking and reading.Moreover-in the Moroccan context as in all foreign language contexts- writing is apparently not taught in the appropriate ways neither students nor teachers are contented with their writing courses while a number of teachers are complaining about students carelessness most students are not satisfied with their writing courses and consequently ascribe their weak achievements to the methods involved in the teaching of this skill therefore the primary concern of the present study is related to the improvement of student writing competence in other words since th methods now being used are proved to be inefficient in developing skill it has become a great necessity to rethink the way writing is approached and...
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