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Russian Lacquers Painting: 21st Century  

Russian Lacquers Painting: 21st Century

245x275 192 страниц. 2006 год.
The lacquer miniature painting in Russia, so very popular in 19th-20th centuries is still developing, transforming and being enriched thanks to new approaches to the interpretation of well-known subjects, as well as thanks to absolutely new themes and images. The album includes works by the artists from all Russian handicraft lacquer miniature centers, as well as from Moscow and St.Petersburg, created in the past six years. A reader will undoubtedly notice thematic diversity of the works, the originality of artistic touch of each of the creators, and will appreciate their fantasy, the results of their creative quests and experiments. The book is meant for a wide range of readers, especially for admirers and collectors of the objects of decorative-applied arts, for fans of specific talents of well-known or young masters of lacquer miniature, for professional artists, for students of art schools and higher educational establishments.
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