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Do Auxiliaries Exist in Moroccan Arabic?   Mohamed Zniber

Do Auxiliaries Exist in Moroccan Arabic?

264 страниц. 2015 год.
Scholars' Press
Verb +Verb structures in Moroccan Arabic (MA), beyond Kun "be", &adi (future modality), b&a/ba "want", etc., display various degrees of formal freezing and semantic transfer and/or loss of notional "substance", that leave little doubt about their auxiliating function. What looks like a genuine grammaticalization, therefore, warrants all the more a re-evaluation of the patterning and functions of these constructions (composed of two or more successive verb phrases within single clauses), as Auxiliaries (Aux) constitute one of the grammatical categories in which the action of the dynamic synchrony is actively at work, renovating he collocational/colligational patterns and lexical stock of the language. The M.A. Aux are not directly involved in the making of "compound tenses" as this is the case, for example, with English be and have or French etre and avoir used respectively for the passive and the perfect). Referred to sometimes as Semi- auxiliaries (S-Aux) -and again, unlike English...
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