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The Affixes of Negation in French, English, and Czech   Kristina Dragounova

The Affixes of Negation in French, English, and Czech

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work is conceived as a further study of the units affected by the affixal negation in English and Czech, which are now to be compared with French. The first parts serve as a brief summary of the findings obtained from the previous research and the re-introduction of the classification criteria, as well as the observed tendencies in the domain, which are subsequently applied on the French language to determine a degree of similarity with English and Czech. The main part of the study is devoted to the French negation-yielding affixes, which are examined with respect to the established criteria (the frequency of occurrence on the given parts of speech, the origin of the affix and its base, the semantic properties of the affix and the base and their translation), and compared to the other two languages. There, the mutual translations of the negative units are to be considered. It will be noticed that some elements figure in all the studied inventories. In such cases, the same...
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