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Investigation Into The Barriers Faced By International Students Abroad   Henrietta Enumah and Akeem Oladipo

Investigation Into The Barriers Faced By International Students Abroad

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Barriers faced by international students abroad describe the recent growth of international students studying abroad and the challenges of these students while studying abroad. The advantages of studying abroad are countless. Study abroad programs is one of the best practices of modern times, when there are simmering tensions and conflict situation between many countries and regions around the globe. On an individual level, exposure to a totally different system of living makes you delve deep into your own choices, aims and ambitions. It is in fact a process of self-discovery. It creates a global personality out of you, with a deep respect for other cultures, and a greater understanding and appreciation of your own culture and way of living.Studying abroad make student come across people and places who are totally strangers, but turn to be very good friends by the time the course is completed. You begin to appreciate different lifestyles and develop some really useful...
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