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Textbook Evaluation   Ali Jahangard,Hassan Soodmand Afshar and Ali Rahimi

Textbook Evaluation

220 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The selection of an ELT textbook often signals an important administrative and educational decision in which there is considerable professional, financial, or even political investment. A thorough evaluation, therefore, would enable the managerial and teaching staff of a specific institution or organization to discriminate between all of the available textbooks on the market. Moreover, it would provide for a sense of familiarity with a book's content thus assisting educators in identifying the particular strengths and weaknesses in textbooks already in use. This would go a long way in ultimately assisting teachers with making optimum use of a book's strong points and recognizing the shortcomings of certain exercises, tasks, and entire texts. The book is strongly recommended for authors, program designers, syllabus developers and language teachers and all who are interested in applied linguistics as a field of inquiry.
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