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An Ecocritical Reading:   S.G. Mohanraj

An Ecocritical Reading:

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ecocriticism is the study of relationship between human and non-human world. It also serves as a tool for renewal of one''s perception towards nature. It is a well known fact that in an ecosystem each creature is interdependent in their biological functioning. Disturbance of this natural equilibrium may lead even to the extinction of entire ecosystem. People think that they are in no way connected to environmental degradation, but truth is different. This work substantiates the fact that it is impossible for man to overcome the laws of nature. If he makes such an attempt, he is bound to fail. The culture grows, but the nature perishes which is evidenced in the text. Hence, the primary aim of this study is to differentiate the anthropocentric approach from ecocentric approach thereby attempting to change ego-consciousness to eco-consciousness.
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