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Paul Weller: My Ever Changing Moods   John Reed

Paul Weller: My Ever Changing Moods

155x230 320 страниц. 2005 год.
Omnibus Press
Always uncomfortable in the pop limelight, Paul Weller has at times suffered for his art. His fascination with contemporary black music eventually led The Style Council to a dead end, and his moral convictions, championing causes like CND and Red Wedge, left him disillusioned with politics. Weller's return was slow but gradual, and for the last decade he enjoyed an artistic renaissance that continues unabated. Traces Weller's career from his upbringing in Woking, through his years with The Jam and the difficulties he faced after it's demise to his current status as one of Britain's most respected performers and songwriters. This new paperback edition has been revised and updated to take Weller's story into the 21st century. It covers his link-up with Branson's V2 label, along with The Rolling Stones and lovingly compiled album of cover versions Studio 150. It chronicles the peaks and troughs of the three stages of Weller's remarkable careers. Includes comprehensive discography and...
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