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The selected plays of Vijay Tendulkar: A study   Janardhanreddy K.

The selected plays of Vijay Tendulkar: A study

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This volume is the study of Vijay Tendulkar’s selected Plays in the context of themes, characters and dramatic techniques. In the nutshell, his dramas encompasses on the evils of the society. He has always been controversial, because he has always been contemporary in his concerns. His plays deal with the contemporary issues - like gender inequality, social inequality, power politics and violence. He depicts the essence of situations which happens in the day-to-day life. He uses drama as a means to raise questions rather than to provide solutions and not on the happy aspects of life but on human weaknesses and follies. He intends to make people conscious of their limitations directly or indirectly or even secretly wants them to mend their ways. In a limited scene, he may be seen as a silent social activist who wishes to bring about a change in people’s modes of thinking, feelings and behaving. In glimpse, his plays highlight three major issues namely gender bias, power politics and...
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