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Inside the mind   Madeleine Levy

Inside the mind

92 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
'The stage does not go inside the mind as easily as novels and music can’ (Bond, 1987:128). Several Dramatists and playwrights have tried to explore the mind on stage. This work documents and critically reflects upon the development of the new play Choices, which attempts to do just this. It also comments upon the difficulties that writers face when attempting to dramatize internal thought processes. Drawing on the methods of writers such as Bond, Shaffer, Penhall and Kane in resolving these difficulties. Particular attention was paid to formatting, signposting the difference between subjective versus objective reality, repetition of imagery and motifs, distortion of character's lines and staging. These components come together to provide both a descriptive and instructive narrative on the creation of abstract theatre regarding the contents of the human mind.
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