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Thematic Concerns in the Novels of Bapsi Sidhwa   Afreen Faiyaz

Thematic Concerns in the Novels of Bapsi Sidhwa

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Bapsi Sidhwa has emerged as Pakistan's most prominent English fiction writer. Beginning her career in Pakistan at a time when there were few women writers, Sidhwa gradually established her credentials in her native land and also received international acclaim winning several national and international awards. The five internationally acclaimed novels chronicle the history of the Indian subcontinent, with particular focus on the lives of women. She has published many articles, reviews, essays and short-stories besides her five novels. This study, however, confines itself to the critical analysis of her novels only. There are a number of articles published on her individual novels or particular traits or character in different journals or in edited books but the present study, to the best of my knowledge is the first endeavor to examine the thematic concerns of her novels in detail and correlate them by drawing together the common strands of their narratives. It seeks to ponder deeper...
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