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Aping The West   Addisu Hailu

Aping The West

232 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Neocolonialism, which is a new tactic planned to guarantee the indirect control over the so called “liberated” states from the yoke of colonialism, is exerting indirect influence on third world countries. Globalization, one of a controlling instrument of neocolonialism, helps advanced states to stay influential in the affairs of developing countries. In the name of “Interconnecting the world” in different aspects, it is destroying cultural heterogeneity which is really the decorative affluence of our globe. The gospel of globalization, masking its appearance with the superficial economic, social, and political benefits to countries of the world, is mingling human culture so as to make the dominant flourish and the dominated vanish forever. Even though its positive contributions are undeniable, the damage on cultures, while attempting to materialize its goals, is a great threat for human being as a whole.
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