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Between Globalization and Identity Promotion:   Emmy Unuja Idegu

Between Globalization and Identity Promotion:

200 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Globalisation both as a concept, theory or practice, has come to stay. With it are the ever increasing gap between the developed and the developing economies of the world. In as much as globalisation has made accessibility to global information most easy in world history, there are obvious deleterious effects on indigenous socio-cultural practices of the people, especially in Nigeria, as one can say for Africa where culture remains the greatest unifying force of the people. Enmeshed in this global force, quite a number of Africans resort to frantic attempts through which at least the potency of cultural practices are defended against the global onslaught of globalisation. In this book, Emmy Unuja Idegu explores the place of identity promotion, using the vibrant and dynamic tools of Historical Playwriting, The Place of the National Troupe of Nigeria and the emerging Nigerian Home Video Movie Industry. It is the author's submission that while enjoying the benefits of globalisation,...
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