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Inferencing: A Vocabulary Comprehension Skill   Andrew Yau Hau Tse

Inferencing: A Vocabulary Comprehension Skill

104 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Inferencing, or guessing the meaning of novel words from the context or from internal clues, is a vocabulary comprehension skill. The structure of this book is described below. Chapter one defines inferencing and its value is discussed. Chapter two shows a taxonomy of types of linguistic clues which help the reader guess the meaning of unknown words. The next chapter focuses on how to teach inferencing skills in and out of the classroom. Chapter four discusses the relationship between inferencing and the cloze test. The final chapter depicts the summary, pedagogical implications, and recommendations for further research. The content of this book should benefit second language learners of English, lecturers, parents, educators, and researchers in vocabulary and second language acquisition.
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