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Technical Theater Facilities in Nigeria   Adesina Adegbite

Technical Theater Facilities in Nigeria

132 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Designs in the theater receive major attention in this book and these include:set construction/building,painting,lighting,costume,make-up,sound and props building.These are being referred to as technical elements, theatrical elements,technical aesthetics or technical aids. However,all these function well if adequate technical facilities are made available for designers to work with.Because of their indispensable roles in the theater, the book makes a strong case for their functional and creative usage. Interestingly,it is discovered in Nigerian theater that these facilities are grossly inadequate.The menace has been around for long;hence the book, while painting graphic scenario of inadequacies;two stage productions are used as case study. The essay calls on all stakeholders( who are students designers,professionals,teachers,government,non-governmental organizations,theater administrators and corporate bodies) to rise to the challenges.
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