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Translation Strategies in Animated Films   Jane Elisabeth Thomsen

Translation Strategies in Animated Films

76 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There are many opinions about what a good translation is, and as my study shows, direct translations are often equated with adequate translations. But should the direct translation strategy be preferred over other microstrategies, and what makes a translator choose one strategy over another? In order to answer this question, I chose to examine one of our time''s most beloved animated films, Shrek. By conducting a comparative analysis of the macro- and microstrategies applied to the subtitled and dubbed Danish translations of Shrek, I have investigated which choices the translator made and why. Furthermore, I have estimated whether the applied strategies are suitable or not. The target audience of the study is anybody with an interest in translation strategies. It may be of use to language students or people who in general wonder about translation choices.
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