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Fascism and Authoritarian Structures in Deconstruction of the Individual   Faiza Dar

Fascism and Authoritarian Structures in Deconstruction of the Individual

116 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This work examines the individual''s response to the issues of fascism and authoritarian structures and it argues that by following the racist behaviors and so-called united front of multiculturalism, a distorted and crippled shadow of the individual has emerged. British literature has become increasingly preoccupied with institutions, and with structures that hem the individual and hence true representation is significantly altered. The novels The Black Album (1995), Intimacy (1998) by Hanif Kureishi and Maps for Lost Lovers (2004) by Nadeem Aslam show the conflicts an individual faces in a fascist society and a belief system that borders on fanaticism. The writers are concerned with the importance of the individual regaining one''s own identity and standing up against forces that persist in wiping out any indication of self-creativity.
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