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Evolution Hybridity and Mutation Vol 2   Catherine Fargher

Evolution Hybridity and Mutation Vol 2

188 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is a theoretical annotation which supports Catherine''s Doctorate of Creative Arts (DCA) creative submissions. Over the period of her Doctorate, (2002-2006) Catherine developed three Hybrid performance texts – a radio script, a puppetry script and a bio-performance/installation – from original bio-ethical fables. These fables explored the moral and bio-ethical issues associated with the complex Post-natural environments that we find ourselves living amidst in this century, and the futures they suggest. The scripts: Dr Egg and The Man With No Ear, BioHome and The Woman Who Knitted Herself a Child are discussed here in relation to creative process, as well as its theoretical context and implications. She uses biological concepts to chronicle her own creative processes. She argues that biological principles such as evolution, mutation, metamorphosis and hybridity within the natural and bio-technological realms have informed her creative practice. The annotation...
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