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Monsieur Tartuffe comes to America   Emmanuelle Delpech

Monsieur Tartuffe comes to America

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book documents a production of the French playwright Moliere's comedy Tartuffe at Temple Repertory Theater in Philadelphia. Set in Philadelphia's Main Line, this production provides an updated version of the play that comments on religion in contemporary America. Tartuffe is one of the best comedies written by Moliere. Banned for many years, it deranged people and touched a very tender spot in 17th century French society. America has a very different approach to religion than France. The many churches in existence make this country a deist democracy as opposed to the French secular state. The use of religion in politics, the “in God we trust” on the dollar bill, and seeing people pray in restaurants before their dinner have dictated this production to be set in contemporary America. The use of clown techniques helped in finding American archetypes that would fit the characters. Directing choices, designers and actors created a world that tells the story of a rich American family...
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