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The Covertness and Overtness Continuum of the Narrator   Liknaw Yirsaw

The Covertness and Overtness Continuum of the Narrator

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is known that the story, what is talked in any narrative is entered into the reader's or listener's mind through a narrator.Narrators are many in their categories or typologies.In other words, scholars agreed that there are many types of narrators, namely, homodiegetic-hetrodiegetic, first person-third person, covert-overt,and etc. However,if we see and search a way through which these different types of narrators are come into one paradigm, how the narrator is intrusive(overt) and extrusive(covert) to the story what he/she narrates, we can do so. Therefore, the main purpose of this book is revealing how the different categories of narrators are subsumed into one category, how the narrator is present and absent in a narrative story to the story what he/she narrates so that the book is important to students, teachers and researchers of literature to deal with narrative voices in general and covert and over voices in particular.
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