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Religion, Politics and the Revolution in African-Arabic Drama   Ihidero Victor OSae

Religion, Politics and the Revolution in African-Arabic Drama

144 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The revolution and mass protest that hugs the peoples of the African-Arabic origin has provoked many questions, the most still begging for answers, about the social issues that overcrowd the Afro-Arabian minds. Whilst the peoples have largely depend on religion to soothe the suppression of their inner-spirit, potentates on the political aqua have used it to give legitimacy to their continuous stay in power amidst hardship, suppression, and a climate of fear which the rulers have created. However, in 2011 in Tunisia, the self-incineration of Mohammed Bouazizi opened another chapter in the meddling of religion and politics. The role of religion was given another function. it became a tool for the mass mobilization against the ruling political class and attempts to engage the dialectics between the ruled and the ruler and the conqueror and the conquered. All these and more is described in the characterizations and deep contents in THE SULTAN'S DILEMMA and FATE OF A COCKROACH, two...
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