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Communication for Development   Evelyn Lutwama-Rukundo

Communication for Development

312 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
CfD: Community Theatre and Women''s Rights in Buganda (Uganda) explores the rarely studied impact of theatrical images on the gender relations and human rights of the Baganda of Uganda and vice versa. It also demonstrates how the three disciplines affect the development levels of grassroots and under-privileged women in the region. Unlike many studies, this also examines how under-privileged, non-formally educated women in an endogenous effort initiate and use theatre and other means to disclose their disagreement with conditions hindering their development. Through the same means, the subjects of this study advice fellow victims on how their vulnerability can be tackled. This book is an exciting adventure into the minds of often labeled passive victims of under-development and a demonstration of their actual involvement in the process of social change.
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