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Gunter Sachs  

Gunter Sachs

250x310 152 страниц. 2005 год.
State Russian Museum
Beauty is one of the forms of the intellect according to Andy Warhol's words. Something ephemeral and elusive is embodied in the beauty of the models' bodies which is quite material, made of flesh and bone. It is called Zeitgeist. Karl Lagerfeld photographed Schiffer for the Nothing photo novel, which the designer called a "simple, naive and edificatory story about the trip of Greta and Hans to Berlin". Claudia looks also simple and naive on these stylished old-fashioned photos. A knight and a romantic, Gunter Sachs managed to add extra facets to Claudia's beauty, he made her sparkle with all the shades of female power and love magic. Similarly to Cecil Beaton, David Bailie, Helmut Newton and Gilles Bensimon Gunter Sachs does not simply shoot fashion and celebrities. Through female beauty and fashion he shows his lively, subtle and nervous perception of the epoch, society and culture... Surrealistic photos by Gunter Sachs are full of visual paradoxes and optical...
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