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Where did the African Leaders go Wrong?   Josephine Muganiwa

Where did the African Leaders go Wrong?

116 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book explores the challenges that post independent African leaders have faced in charting development in their countries.The blame can be shared between the leaders and the led. Some leaders deliberately go into power for personal gain, while the led may fail to understand the vision of the leader and work against his development plans. Historical circumstances have also worked against the leaders as they try to extricate themselves from European models of development. Other leaders have accepted these models thereby unconciously working against their people and destroying their culture. The led themselves have reneged their duty to chart the way forward by trusting 'messianic' leaders. Ultimately every citizen has the responsibility to consciously choose suitable leaders and monitor their progress. It is the duty of the leader to safe guard his people's dignity and culture in his dealing to the best of his ability and circumstances.
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