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Literary Translation In Kiswahili   James Omboga Zaja

Literary Translation In Kiswahili

232 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Given the cultural nuances emblematic in the emerging critical debates that have been aroused by the cultural turn in translation studies, this book advances the argument that there is a prudent need to view literary translation in Kiswahili within the paradigm of cultural transfer, as a process that has been informed by the dynamics of mediation between Kiswahili and the cultures it has interacted with.Translated literature in Kiswahili needs to be perceived as cultural product located in specific cultural and temporal contexts.There is, therefore, need for a critical rethinking that points out the critical and crucial lapses and inadequacies that have been skewed towards the exclusion of culture and pedagogy from research in Kiswahili. The critical labyrinth in which literary translation in Kiswahili has been entrapped as well as the puerile generalizations that have been generally emblematic of these studies have been pointed out. This book should be of interest to scholars of...
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