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A Stylistic Criticism of Chinua Achebe's Children's Books   Lilian Amutabi

A Stylistic Criticism of Chinua Achebe's Children's Books

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book,the author evaluates children's literature referring specifically to Chinua Achebe, a prolific African writer.This in view of the fact that children's literature imparts important cultural values to the children and affords them aesthetic enjoyment.The study has been mainly guided by the Stylistic Criticism theory which foregrounds language as an important vehicle for communication and also highlights the aesthetic aspects of literary works of art.In this book,Achebe's four children's books are examined,namely:The Drum,The Flute,How Leopard Got His Claws and Chike and the River.Some of the findings of the stylistic analysis of the four novels include the following:Achebe has instilled a sense of both morality and ambition to the readers through the use of simplistic themes wrapped in simple but captivating language.He has employed credible characters to which children easily identify with.His novels have provided entertainment and socio-cultural instruction.This analysis...
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