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The Practice of Teaching Listening   Dagim Endale

The Practice of Teaching Listening

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Language learning highly relies on listening since it is through listening that the aural inputs used for acquisition and learning of language are supplied. Not only for language, the learning of other subjects also depends on the skill of listening. Students who have great listening ability are tend to be high achievers than who are poor at this skill. So, the value of this skill is enormous in teaching-learning process, particularly in EFL classrooms. It is an essential skill to be given due attention. However, less emphasis was given to teaching listening skill from the earliest times to present compered to other English language skills. This book also discussed whether teachers really teach listening skill or not in EFL classrooms; and assessed the extent listening texts and tasks presented in the course books allow students to practice listening comprehension.
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