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Klaviersonaten alter meister 1  

Klaviersonaten alter meister 1

56 страниц. 1985 год.
Editio Musica Budapest
"The aim of publishing the present sonata album is to enlarge the range of sonatas which can be taught in music schools. By means of their musical and technical requirements these sonatas are also suitable for acting as preliminary studies for the mastery of higher tasks (e.g. for understanding and executing the sonatas of the masters of Viennese Classicism). The first volume has been compiled with the notion in mind that it could be used as part of the curriculum from the 4th grades of the music schools onwards. The second volume is recommanded for the continuation classes. The sequence within the volumes coincides by and large with the grade of difficulty of the pieces. This sequence may occasionally be disregarded if the capabilities of the given pupil allow and necessitate it. The proper use of ornaments is indispensable for the faithful and appropriate rendering of these sonatas. We do think, however, that in the course of teaching one must not adhere strictly to...
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