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Aural Training by Distance for Tertiary Music Students   Phillip Gearing

Aural Training by Distance for Tertiary Music Students

216 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A six-semester distance mode prototype aural training programme was developed and delivered to tertiary music students in all states of Australia as well as other countries including New Zealand, Singapore, south-east Asia and the United Kingdom. Face-to-face teaching components were replaced entirely by CD-ROM delivery. The evaluation compared results between external and internal groups, in rhythmic perception, melodic perception, scale/mode recognition and interval recognition. External students achieved higher levels of improvement for all aural acuities compared with internal students and control group students. Tertiary music schools experiencing, for example, funding constraints may therefore be able to re- organise aural tuition practice either to replace or to augment face-to-face classes with external aural training materials. The book will be of interest to all music educators, but specifically to educators and managers in tertiary music schools.
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