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Film music practice in Nollywood   Emaeyak Peter Sylvanus

Film music practice in Nollywood

56 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nollywood is Nigeria's creative and cultural industry equivalent of Hollywood. Until now, no academic literature on Film Music has been devoted to Nollywood. This book provides that foundational musicological perspective, which ranges from soundtrack contents, usage, and processes, to what the determinants of their preferences of creative choices of style and genre are. More significantly, this book offers an original taxonomy of epochs of the practice from inception to date by employing the Critical Orientation and Practice (COP) model, which has been developed by the author. It presents facts about symbolism and value derived from engaging industry experts and fans on the subject; as well as analytical reviews of select feature films. It argues, among other things, that music in Nollywood films attest to a steady rise in diversification, aesthetic and rhetorical application, representation and quality. This study is significant to the overall academic exploration of Nollywood, and...
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