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Pop music fans: pleasure in text or context? The case of Madonna fans   Anna D'Augusta

Pop music fans: pleasure in text or context? The case of Madonna fans

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Fandom, after being negatively depicted as pathology, has been widely analyzed and emerged as a complex emotional, participative and productive experience. However, relevant spaces for analyses still remain in this area of study: even though what fans do has been investigated in-depth, still it is not very clear which role these practices have in relation to fans' pleasure. If a limited view of fandom as an excessive consumption of popular texts has been challenged, even a limited idea of fans' pleasure as mainly aroused by the core consumption of a text, must be challenged. This paper aims at investigating this aspect, specifically referring to pop music fans: does the source of pleasure lie in text, that is in music, or in context, that is in the practices of fandom? The field research conducted on a Madonna fans virtual community and on a sample of non-fans revealed notable differences between the two groups, regarding their mechanisms of pleasure and motivations, with important...
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